Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We have a family pass to the zoo so we go all the time. The boys love it so much. Aydens favorites have always been the elephants and the rhinos. He is so excited to see the baby elephant this year. Gibson loves all the animals but his favorite is the elephants. We have gone so many times this year that Ayden can tell us how to get there from the freeway exit. He knows every turn and everything. Its crazy how good he is at directions.
Craig got me a new camera for my birthday. Its amazing the pictres it can take. I still need to play with it a little to figure it all out but Craig is quite good with it.

The boys were so happy when they saw the bear out. It seems like we never see it.

I usually take the stroller and have Gibson all strapped in cause he is a little bit too curious sometimes. I didnt bring it this time and I was regretting it as he climbed EVERYTHING he saw.

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  1. Such cute pictures at the zoo. Your two boys are so cute. (Maybe not always for you)The gun pictures were sure fun. Too bad Ayden was having a bad day.