Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our House

We started our house building adventure last July. Our original lot/house was supposed to be done in November, then February, then June. So we changed to an earlier lot and started the plans and paperwork in December. It was supposed to be done the middle of February, then the end of March, then the mdidle of April. So here we are the day before closing at the end of April to find out the paperwork we sent them 2 weeks ago they just looked at today and they needed more documents from us so we are not closing tomorrow. The loan person says we will try to close Thursday. Which I would believe if I didnt know better. Our friend built a house Two doors down from us and he was supposed to close 5 WEEKS ago! They keep postponing it and two times he has taken papers in only to have them sit for two weeks before anyone looks at them. He told them he was going to fire them cause it has gotten quite rediculous and the papers they are asking for they shouldnt need. But that would be a decline on the loan so he cant do that. Plus the builders will be billing us $100 every day the loan is late. So not a good day!

Anyway here is a picture of our beautiful kitchen which we will not be using for a while i think. If we ever close and move in I will post more pictures. Cross your fingers!

Playin at the Gun Club

The boys LOVE the gun club. We went out to catch some carp and shoot. They had a blast running around with all their friends and playing on the dirt. Ayden was kindof being a terd and sat inside the trailer most of the time.

This is a good picture of Gibs before I buzzed his hair. I miss his mohawk so much. He has had it since he was born. It will grow back pretty quick though. Ayden got his hair buzzed too but he likes it buzzed cause then he looks just like Craig.

This is Craigs nephew Jaxon. He was throwing rocks intothe water.
This rocks was probably the smallest he threw in. The rest were all huge.

I love this picture with the mountains and clouds behind him.

They were watching the carp flop around in the dirt. This is the only picture we got with Ayden in before he got grumpy. He was having a hard day.

This is our friends little girl Ellie. She was so cute. She was telling Gibson stories about all kind of things. They just sat by Duke petting him and talking. So adorable.


We have a family pass to the zoo so we go all the time. The boys love it so much. Aydens favorites have always been the elephants and the rhinos. He is so excited to see the baby elephant this year. Gibson loves all the animals but his favorite is the elephants. We have gone so many times this year that Ayden can tell us how to get there from the freeway exit. He knows every turn and everything. Its crazy how good he is at directions.
Craig got me a new camera for my birthday. Its amazing the pictres it can take. I still need to play with it a little to figure it all out but Craig is quite good with it.

The boys were so happy when they saw the bear out. It seems like we never see it.

I usually take the stroller and have Gibson all strapped in cause he is a little bit too curious sometimes. I didnt bring it this time and I was regretting it as he climbed EVERYTHING he saw.