Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A lot Of Stuff

Here are some cute "Cheese" pictures. The boys have been so good the last couple weeks. Maybe is because the sun finally started coming out again.

Gibson will randomly decide he is a dog through out the day. He barks, pants, licks people, crawls on all fours, and fetches things. After studying my moms dogs for a while he learned to eat out of a bowl on the floor, at least he is using his hands, and lay on the back of the couch. He also likes to be patted on the head.

Im still working on potty training Gibson. He likes to sit on the potty, especially when Ayden is, but we need to work on timing a little bit. I am so done wrestling him tochange his diaper so hopefully it clicks soon.

We went to the Treehouse Childrens Museum last week. We have only gone a couple times but the boys love it so much and we stay for hours every time we go. It was so much fun. My camera is not working so I have been using my phone which is why some pictures are blurry. I liked this one cause he picked his fire truck shirt that morning and it matched real cute.

They both love this big chess set. They played here the longest. Right to the side of this is a little table with knights and horses and stuff on that they also really liked.

Gibson has found new friends in an old ugly blanket ,who he calls anky (blanket), and a cute snuggly bear. The blanket is not very soft and I would only use it out of necessity when they were babies. With all our stuff in storage I have no idea how he got it but when he lays with them he goes to sleep pretty quick so whatever.

Isnt he so cute? I love how snuggly he has been.

Craig had surgery on his foot to remove the hardware they put in a few years ago. He was off work for about two weeks and is now feeling so good. He says it makes a huge difference and he is so glad he had it done.

He kept posing before the surgery and being wierd so I snapped a couple pictures. He told me they were dumb and not to show anyone but he wil never know they are here. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Race Car Speedways

This morning went to the building class for kids at Home Depot. They have one the first Saturday of every month. Ayden and Gibson love going and building new stuff. Today they built a little speedway that had two little cars to race on. It was so much fun! After we got them all built we took them home and painted them.
They were concentrating so hardtrying to get them painted just right. It was so cute.

GIbson was really worried about the paint on his fingers but he didnt even notice he had it on his belly, face, and all up his arm.

Ayden decided to paint his entire track and both cars red. He did a really good job on it. Gibson had so much paint on his tires they got all gummed together and wouldnt even turn! Oh well though. He had a blast hammering it and painting it.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have been so busy the last couple weeks. Craig had surgery on his leg to remove the hardware they put in it a few years ago. That went very well. He was scheduled for 4 weeks off work but only ended up with 2. We had to be out of our apartment on Saturday the 28th. Which wasn't too bad except for the fact that Craig couldn't stand on his leg so he wasn't a lot of help. But we got every thing out ok and are staying with my mom til the house is done in a couple weeks. We had our tax appointment last Thursday. All our files are in storage so I had to search to find all my Avon and Mary Kay info & everything else. Of course none of it was added up yet. Ayden and Gibson both got way sick and we ended up taking them to the drs. Ayden just had a bad virus. But Gibson had an ear infection plus the nasty virus. Poor kids. Now everyone is better and we are all settled for the a couple weeks. We just need to pick out the rest of our appliances, furniture, & paint for the new house then we will be all set. Yay!