Saturday, March 7, 2009

Race Car Speedways

This morning went to the building class for kids at Home Depot. They have one the first Saturday of every month. Ayden and Gibson love going and building new stuff. Today they built a little speedway that had two little cars to race on. It was so much fun! After we got them all built we took them home and painted them.
They were concentrating so hardtrying to get them painted just right. It was so cute.

GIbson was really worried about the paint on his fingers but he didnt even notice he had it on his belly, face, and all up his arm.

Ayden decided to paint his entire track and both cars red. He did a really good job on it. Gibson had so much paint on his tires they got all gummed together and wouldnt even turn! Oh well though. He had a blast hammering it and painting it.


  1. How fun! You are such a cute mom, I bet they loved that. Already learning to build and paint cars. Just like their uncles! We are coming to Utah April 2-13th, and would love to see you guys. Maybe for Easter or something? If you guys are doing stuff with your mom that day though, let me know when would be a good time to get together. Even if we just take the kids to the park or something, it'd be fun to see ya!

  2. We would love to come see your house if it's finished. Eric isn't staying very long, but I'm in for sure. I bet everyone else would love to see it too! Where are you building? I know I've already asked you, but I forget.

  3. What a fun mom you are. You do such fun things with the boys. The museum pictures were so cute and painting those cars. Keep enjoying. Melody