Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Few Updates

Our computer has been broke so I havent been able to blog or anything. I didnt realize how much we used the computer til it was broke. This is how we spent a lot of the month cause everyone has been taking turns being sick.These firsts couple pics are of poor Aydens eye. He fell and hit it on the coffee table. It was all swollen and purple for like 2 weeks. Everyone felt so bad for him. When people would ask him about it he would smile and say it doesnt even hurt. Tough little boy.

We went out to the gun club a couple times but only took the camera once and it was the only time I didnt go. Ayden and Craig were out all day. They had a blast riding the machines, catching carp, and shooting. It was way cold and Gibson wasnt feeling well so I decided just to stay home with him.

This is our friend Jeff pretending to eat the carp. Blah!

Thid is everyone who went out and a few of the carp they caught.

This is Craig and Ayden showing of there huge catches.

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  1. Oh my gosh! His poor little eye! At least he had a blast fishing. Those are the biggest carp I have ever seen! Hope you guys are done with you sick spell soon. I hate this part of winter. IT DRAGS FOREVER!!!